Yoga With Anita

How to reserve a class

    1. Pick the date you’d like to take a class. Click on the box with your date in it.
    2. Select the time you’d like to reserve your class.  There are a number of limited spots per class.  In each time slot, there is an indicator to let you know how many more spots are available for that class.
    3. A box will appear asking you for your name and email address.  Below that, you must select the Group Class Package before moving on.  Once you have filled out your information and selected the group class option, click on the “Book Appointment” button.
    4. You will then be forwarded over to the check out page. If you already have login credentials, select the “Click here to login” option.  If you have a coupon code, click the “Click here to enter your code” option. And proceed to fill out the Billing Details.
    5. If you are signing up for the first time, please select the Create Account option for easier reservations in the future.
    6. In the Shipping option, please select the “Local Pickup” to eliminate the shipping cost.  This is for the Trapeze and does not apply to you. You will have to uncheck the “Ship To A Different Address” in order for the option to pop up.
    7. You can select to pay with either PayPal or CC.  Once all information is entered, please check and read the “Terms and Conditions” section.  You will not be able to check out without agreeing to the terms.
    8. You’ve done it! You will receive a confirmation with all the information you need for the class and you will also receive a reminder email when the date gets closer.
    9. If you’d like to reserve more than one class at a time, just repeat the process by going back to the “Book A Class” page and check out when you’ve made all the appointment you wanted.
    10. In order to delete a class from your cart, just roll over the Cart Icon in the upper right-hand corner.  A window will pop with your order and the option to remove anything from your cart before checking out.
    11. If you are still having issues please contact me via email or text.