Yoga With Anita

Thank you for purchasing a series of Yoga Trapeze classes with Groupon!  I’m excited to show you how amazing the Yoga Trapeze is and how you can use it to increase your flexibility, gain strength in your Upper Body, Core, and Posterior Chain!  Please read below my policy for all Groupon clients to help you have the most amazing experience with me.


Groupon Policy


  1. All classes will be scheduled directly with Anita.  You can reach out to her via email ( or text message (818-921-6390). Please RSVP for each class prior to showing up.  Please allow a four hour window when scheduling your classes.  The yoga studio is a shared studio and all trapeze have to be set up prior to class.  This ensures that you will have a spot ready for you when you arrive.  Once your class is confirmed, there is a grace period of 2 hours to cancel your class should something pop up.  After the 2 hour window you forfeight the class.  Scheduleing a class, not cancelling, and not showing up also counts as a class.  There will be no exceptions.
  2. Please do not call the studio to schedule classes as I am an independent contractor and the studio will just direct you to me.  Please see above for contact information.
  3. Your Groupon is valid up to your individual expiration date.  You may schedule your classes between this time.  After the expiration, if you have not scheduled all of your classes past the first (5 Class) or second (10 Class) class, you will have to pay full price for your next class.
  4. All classes will start on time.  Please arrive either 5 mins prior to class or on time as the door will be locked on the hour.  Unless a notification prior to class that you are going to be late is recieved, the door will be locked and it will not be opened upon your arrival.  This also counts as a class.
  5. At any point during your series of classes, should you decide to quit, after your first class (5 Class) or two classes (10 Class) you will not be refunded.  This is a promotional offer.  Your Groupon only covers one full price (5 Class) or two full price (10 Class) classes.
  6. Classes are non-transferable.
  7.  Only one Groupon will be honored per person per year.  If you bought more than one Groupon for yourself you will be refunded for the second Groupon.
  8. Remember that this is a group practice.  Within group practice, there may be students that are not as advanced as you and may need assistance.  Please refrain from helping these people as the instructor will be around to help them.  It is a liability issue and has nothing to do with your knowledge or experience, but everything to do with protecting you as a student, the instructor, and the yoga studio.  You are best to mind your practice as this is why you are here, for you.
  9. Have a great practice and I will see you in the air!
I have read and agree to the above policy.